Talacre Beach Lighthouse

Talacre Beach Lighthouse, North Wales


New Brighton sunset

A captured moment of the sun setting over New Brighton


Old buoy

An old Buoy at the Holy gutter dock, North Wales

Chrome figure

A chrome figure at the old Bettisfield colliery, North Wales

Wooden miner

A wooden miner surveys the long closed Bettisfield Colliery North Wales.
Flint castle

Flint castle during spring high tide.

Gorsedd Stones Flint

I watched the sunrise this morning over the Gorsedd stones in Flint. Quite a stunning way to start the day.

GasGas TX 250enjoying some down time on my GasGas TX250

poppysummer in a Welsh poppy field

Flint LifeboatI am a mechanic/driver volunteer for the local Flint RNLI Lifeboat this is a quick snap I took in the summer servicing the lifeboat with Flint castle as a beautiful backdrop.