Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough

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As the motorbike season was drawing to a close I had a couple of race meetings I still wanted to attend, one of them being the Gold Cup at the legendary Oliver’s Mount road circuit in Scarborough 14-15 september 2013, a legendary place with riders of the calibre such as Sheene, Grant, Haslam, Dunlop and Martin all names that will one day pass into folklore.


Oliver’s Mount is named after Oliver Cromwell as it was thought that he had sited guns there, although there is no evidence that Cromwell visited Scarborough during the Civil War. This name was in use by 1804 previously the hill was known as Weaponness, which now refers to the area of the town around Oliver’s Mount


I booked two tickets in advance the bonus being you get a pit pass included in the price so you get to see the riders and their machines at close quarters, we decided to head off on Friday 13th the car was crammed with tents, sleeping bags and enough booze and tinned food to keep a small army fed and watered.

boot of car


I picked my nephew Phil up from Liverpool and we started our 4 hour journey we had plenty to catch up on as I hadn’t seen Phil in over a year, as he had lived in Australia working on a cattle ranch, we chatted having a great laugh sharing our stories good and bad along the way.

We arrived in a windy Scarborough found the campsite and proceeded to set up camp… not easy in a gale force wind, camp set up we duly got changed and hiked into Scarborough a good 30 minutes away, we tried a few bars in the town but settled in the Lord Nelson for the evening.

Lord Nelson Pub


The pub was not that busy to start with for a friday night but we didn’t mind as we didn’t want to go mad on the first night, karaoke was on so Phil and I decided we would see who had the best voice, he did a fair old Johnny Cash medley but he was well beaten by my Dean Martin repertoire, I even had a couple say I made their night with my singing so I was the clear winner on that score I reckon, sometime during the evening I noticed that I became quite popular with people coming over to say hi and wishing me luck, a bit strange I thought till Phil informed me he had told everyone at the pub I was racing at the gold cup event and he was my mechanic for the weekend, I could have killed him I hardly got any piece all night with people asking me about my bike and my chances on sunday I just decided to go along with it for an easy life, as the evening wore on the barmaid said she didn’t want to serve me any more beer as it would affect my race the next day, I said “don’t worry i am saving myself for the big race on sunday”….. cheers Phil.

Saturday morning came and I woke up fully clothed half in and half out of my tent, I must have fallen trying to get into it Friday night and just passed out!

Boy did we have a hangover from hell! It didn’t stop us watching some great racing on the Saturday.
















Guy Martin putting on the style,


Then back to the Lord Nelson pub for a hair of the dog!

We met a wedding party saturday night from Sheffield and carried on where we left off Friday…… fairly well drunk!

I woke Sunday actually inside the tent for a refreshing change, still had the same hangover though!

Weather was raining with very strong winds we nearly lost the tent a couple of times a few did get blown down on the camp site, didn’t stop the fabulous racing though with Guy Martin taking top honours at the gold cup.



Guy Martin lifting the gold cup



Phil taking top honours in best bullshitter competition

What a superb weekend, great bike racing and a great laugh from start to finish.

…… Until next time.



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