Las Vegas, Nevada, 2012

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Las Vegas

We left from Manchester airport with my usual travelling friends myself, Martin, Mike, Carl, and a friend who shall remain nameless till he has the decency to tex me permission to use his name ( nothing ever changes does it Nigel ) us 5 guys have travelled the world to some fabulous places and some not so very fabulous places which im sure i will cover in this blog, oh don’t get me wrong we’ve had our ups and downs but nothing that can’t be sorted over a nice cold beer and a bit of shouting!   We flew with Virgin Airways, not the best airline weve flown if I’m honest the plane was that old I had to set my watch back to the 1980’s as I boarded and the in flight entertainment was that outdated the movie premier was Ben Hur, enough said.   11 uneventful hours later we landed at McCarran airport named after former Nevada senator Pat McCarran. The airport was established in 1942 by George Crockett a descendant of frontiersman Davy Crockett the airport was formally known as Alamo airport

the lads Vegas limo

We were then met at arrivals by our super stretch limousine with a couple of bottles of chilled champagne waiting for us inside… a nice touch in the desert heat. After a 10 minute drive down the fabulous Las Vegas strip to the stunning Aria hotel, the hotel was opened in 2009 and was awarded with corporate & incentive travel of excellence  award in 2011,on arrival I can see why, the place was a brilliant choice as usual by our mr fix it Martin who always sorts the flights and accommodation and never lets us down after a speedy check in we dropped our cases off in our rooms to find my mate Martins Samsonite case was missing a wheel after some shoddy airport baggage handling,no way was he taking a three wheel case home, so he bought a new one and I took his old case, even with three wheels it was still better than mine! on my return home Samsonite repaired it free of charge, a result. We then headed to the city bar in the hotel for a few quiet drinks to stretch our legs and take in the vegas vibe.

Lincoln Continental

After a few days of relaxing and sight-seeing which I will be uploading more pictures very shortly, we decided to hire a car and drive to Area 51 for the day, do a bit of alien spotting!! We chose a stunning Lincoln Continental MKS 3.6 Litre petrol in screaming red with only 75 miles on the clock,  what a car!!… the Yanks can still make’em.

gas station

we decided I would drive most of the way, Michael would drive out of Vegas to the gas station and I would take over from there, while at the gas station we bought 4 cowboy hats and some beef jerky to keep us going, I think the jerky is made out of the sole of an old cowboy boot…. pretty tough stuff.

Mike and Fudge

Martin and Carl
Martin and Carl

20120525_501 20120525_496

stopped off at a roadside Diner rough was an understatement!

fudge driving

We headed through the desert singing songs and just having a laugh. Extra Terrestrial highway  

Arriving at the Extraterrestrial highway we stopped off for a stretch of the legs and take a few pictures, then carrying on with the music turned up and the air con to the max.

rachel 20 miles

We headed to a town called Rachel, we hardly saw a soul all day on the roads but the sign was full of bullet holes, I wouldn’t like to breakdown out here! little A'Le'Inn lincoln continental the lads

Arriving at the Little A’Le’Inn we were greeted by the very nice owners, we bought some souvenirs and had a bite to eat.they also have rooms to rent, I hope to stay here on my next Vegas trip. they advised us not to mess about once we got to Area 51 as we could end up in big trouble. fed and watered we said our goodbyes and headed back on to the desert road



blank sat nav area 51

After heading out of Rachel off the main highway onto a dusty dirt road the sat nav went blank about 20 miles from the entrance to Area 51. dirt road

They must have seen us coming as we kicked up a massive dust cloud like a tornado! area51

When we got to the entrance the signs left us in no doubt that this place wasnt to be messed about with, and a security Bronco was already waiting for us. We got out the car and stretched our legs again for a good 20 seconds grabbing a few handful of stones, and making a quick retreat in a cloud of dust starting the long journey back to Vegas.



We did see an alien that day on the way back, he was huge with a silver suit…… pity it was a model standing outside what looked like a closed Diner.    

Heading back the strip we got a biker escort.   dirty car

We arrived back in Vegas very tired and dusty, but not as dusty as the car after not being able to find a car wash we handed handing it back to an unimpressed rental company we landed ourselves with a $70 fine!   dirty hotel

Upon arriving back at the hotel Carl and I were convinced our room had been robbed, the lads assured us that we really had left it that untidy, Carl my roomate really does have some bad habits, im sure you will find out more in my future blogs! I don’t think the maid was brave enough to tackle it.

But all in all brilliant trip with a great bunch of lads in a stunning American car… what more could a man ask for?

I hope to upload many more previous and future trips away. thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, until next time, take care and happy travels.


the lads

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