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Myself and my great friend Michael are Bangkok bound, leaving Manchester stopping off at Helsinki to connect with our Finnair flight to Bangkok, 14 hours in the air 1 hour at immigration and 2 hours fighting our way through rush hour is enough to test the patience of a saint.

Rush Hour


We arrived at the Hotel Sofitel on Sukhumvit Road, the road stretches 250 miles the A41  of Thailand, all checked in our new five-star surroundings seemed so strange with the chaos we had both endured for the last 24hrs.





Showered, change of clothes and we are out exploring our new town for the next four days, first impressions was just how manic this huge city is and the heat was debilitating we decided to do the only thing two guys do in a new town….. go grab some cold beer, Mike had done a lot of research so we headed to Soi Cowboy (Soi means side street) what met us was a wall of people, lights and music just the job! We spent a few hours watching bands drinking beer and talking to fellow travellers until booze and jet lag took it’s inevitable toll and we headed back to our hotel for a well earned rest.




Next morning refreshed and fed, we headed off to the nearest sky train station opened in 1999 it’s as good if not better than anything we have in the UK.





20 minutes later we arrived at the river Chao Phraya and duly hired a boat and driver to take us up river past the skyscraper’s of Bangkok to the floating market, the boat had a converted car engine and boy did that thing motor, if I’m honest health and safety isn’t a big deal in Bangkok.












The market was smaller than i expected but was nice and had a friendly atmosphere with the usual stalls of fruit I’ve never seen before and handmade crafts, we sat down for a bite to eat and met a guy we named Tommy 2 hats for obvious reasons…..he wore 2 hats, he was an elderly guy sitting on the next table with a group of his mates sharing a beer and banter as friends do all over the world, he came over to our table he was a little drunk but friendly and proceeded to take a pack of well-worn photo’s out of his pocket and show us them of when he was a young handsome man in the navy, he couldn’t speak english but we all laughed and had plenty of chatter he was clearly a man who enjoyed his life and his friends, handshakes all round we were back in our boat Bangkok bound.20140908_866


Koh Samui




Mike and myself had taken the hour-long flight to Koh Samui to celebrate our good friends wedding in few days time, as usual Mike had picked the right hotel in the right location The Ark Hotel and Beach Bar in Chawang, a little 18-30’s but a real nice place…..especially if you like your parties to start at 2pm.




We spent a nice few days in Chawang sitting at Lipsmackers beach bar sipping cocktails and listening to Bob Marley, just unwinding from the hundred mile an hour lifestyle of Bangkok.







The wedding day arrived and we took a taxi the hour or so to Lamai beach Rocky’s resort to celebrate the wedding of Maureen & Martin what an absolutely wonderful day, they both looked so happy and the bride and bridesmaids looked amazing, I would like to wish them both all the happiness in the world… both deserve it.




After the wedding had wound down at 1am Mike, myself and a couple of other hardcore reveller’s headed back to Chawang and partied hard until 7am, heading back to our hotel in bright sunshine I wondered where the night had gone.


A day or two to recover in Chawang then an hours flight back to Bangkok, we left Koh Samui behind in driving rain but little did we know as we headed off we were heading into a storm…literally! 20 minutes from landing in Bangkok we hit a storm that tried it’s best to bring our plane down, just to let you know I’m not scared of flying and I’m not scared of dying….but I am scared of dying flying, I would like to thank Mike for keeping me on the level unlike the pilot.


Final day in Bangkok before the long trip home we decided to finish our trip at the Lebua Hotel Sky Bar made famous in the movie Hangover 2, an amazing bar with breathtaking views and the sheer scale of Bangkok…what a great way to end another amazing trip!
















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